Donating pre-loved items to us

We’re on the Move!

We are currently closed whilst we relocate our stock room from Urmston to Stretford. We will be reopening for donations in December in Stretford Mall. In the mean time please check out what we will be accepting on our December WishList, and ensure the items are all clean and all equipment items are checked against our strict donation criteria

Please note we cannot accept

  • Used mattresses
  • Pillows/Duvets
  • Travel cots
  • Electrical items
  • Jumperoo’s & large toys
  • Sleep positioners (SleepyHead/Dockatots)
  • Cot bumpers
  • Cot mobiles
  • Baby formula
  • Car seats
  • Nappy bins
  • Used underwear
  • Maternity clothing (Bump and Baby Hideout in Sale take these!)
  • School Uniform (please consider donating to the school PTA or on Trafford Uniform Exchange)

Step One

Please check our wish list for items we currently need. Due to space, we can only accept items listed.

To help us, please ensure your donations are recently washed, sorted and bagged into ages/gender.

Remove any stained, bobbled or damaged items

Step Two

If donating prams, cots, toys and equipment, check your donations against our safety criteria before booking in your donation.

We will not accept items that do not meet our strict safety and quality standards.

If the item requires replacement parts, please advise us of this before donation so we can decide if we have the capacity to accept.

Step Three

Send in a donation request. Our team will review and advise you how and where to drop off.

Being a small charity with limited resources, we are unable to collect donations.

Occasionally, if we are unable to re-home an item, we reserve the right to sell it to raise funds for the charity.

    Thank you for your support!