Refer a Family

Referrals are back open!

Thank you for your patience with our big move over to Stretford. We’re in the position to start taking referrals again. They may take slightly longer than normal as we are still unpacking.

We have recently reviewed our referral criteria and changed our referral form. Please review our referrals criteria to ensure the family are eligible for support.

We welcome working with other health & social care, midwifery, childcare, education, mental health, and 3rd sector partners.

Unfortunately we cannot accept referrals from family or friends.

Support for Families

We provide one off and ongoing support to families with practical items such as clothing, shoes, toiletries, toys and equipment.

As the professionals looking after these families, you know their needs better than anyone. We do not means test our service, but ask you to do an assessment of the families need. Any family who you have a genuine concern is struggling to make ends meet, and where the children are being negatively affected by poverty can be referred for support.


The professional must have a genuine concern that the family is on a low income, struggling to afford basic essentials of clothing/equipment AND is experiencing the negative impact of child poverty? 

This could be due to (but not limited to)

  • Persistent low income or a sudden sharp shock to the finances such as housefire/flood.
  • No recourse to public funds
  • Asylum
  • Homeless
  • Disabled/disabled parent or guardian
  • Domestic abuse
  • Substance misuse
  • Single parent families
  • Foster care placement

Before completing the referral form please take time to ensure you know the correct clothing and shoe size required for the children you are requesting for.