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Accessing support from Little Green Sock Project

Thank you for reaching out. 

Life’s getting more and more expensive, and it can get overwhelming thinking how we’re going to pay the next bill. Most people have a time in their life when they’ve worried about how they are going to cope with the cost of living, and with everything going on in the world, that’s totally understandable.  

Children are wonderful, but there’s no denying that when these little ones enter our lives they add an immense pressure on our finances and they don’t stop growing!

Clothes, shoes and coats ultimately need replacing every few months, and these don’t come cheap.

Whether you are in a low income household, surviving from one bill to the next, or you’ve had a sudden change in personal circumstances which has affected you financially, we are here to help you. 

We can reduce some of the financial burden on your family by supplying a lovingly selected bundle of excellent quality preloved children’s clothes and other essentials and equipment you may need.

In order for us to ensure that bundles reach those who need it the most, we require a referral from a professional who knows your family circumstances. This could be a midwife, health visitor, teacher, social worker, refuge staff, food bank staff, nursery manager, housing association care team. Unfortunately we are unable to accept self referrals or referrals from friends or family.

Once you have identified a referrer, they will need to collect the bundle on your behalf from our premises in Stretford.

Please note that we can only accept referrals from Trafford and surrounding areas. If you need to find a baby bank in your local area you can find them here: Baby Bank Map — Baby Bank Alliance