Kit Item Criteria

Thank you for choosing our charity to donate your kit items. To ensure safety of donations there are a number of safety checks we need you to complete prior to donation.


  • Clean
  • Straps/harnesses in working order
  • Brakes in working order
  • Wheels secure and in good condition (inflated if pneumatic tyres)
  • All attachments included
  • Raincover included
  • Able to fold and lock in folded position
  • A permanent notice on the buggy must state: Children should be harnessed in at all times and should never be left unattended.
  • A permanent notice on the buggy stating ‘carelessness causes fire’
  • Instructions should be supplied with each buggy. If the original instructions are lost, then replacements can usually be downloaded from the internet.

High Chairs

  • Clean
  • Straps should be clean and in working order. There should be a strap between the child’s legs and around the waist.
  • If a folding chair, is it stable?


  • Due to space constraints we can only accept simple cots without drawers. No heavy sleigh styles.
  • We do not accept used mattresses
  • The cot must be under 10 years old
  • All the parts required to build it in newborn setting must be present
  • Make and model plus assembly instructions should be supplied (these can normally be downloaded on the internet)
  • The cot needs to be dismantled, with all cot fixings should be placed in a bag and secured to the bars of the cot.

Playgym/Baby Bouncers

  • Please ensure these items are clean
  • No stained/heavily bobbled or damaged items will be accepted
  • Ensure all safety clasps are in working order
  • If batteries, please ensure these are included if required.


  • Small hand-held toys only
  • All parts must be present
  • Please check that all puzzle/game pieces are present
  • If the toy requires batteries, please ensure these are in working order/replaced, and screwed in securely
  • Books must be in good condition with no rips, scribbles or missing pages/flaps
  • Cuddly toys must be freshly washed.

Please note: We do not accept

  • Mattresses
  • Pillows/Duvets/breast feeding pillows
  • Electrical items
  • Jumperoo’s & large toys (The Reuse shops at the Recycling centres (the tip) accept these)
  • Sleep positioners (SleepyHead/Dockatots)
  • Cot bumpers
  • Cot mobiles
  • Car seats
  • Nappy bins (The Reuse shops at the Recycling centres (the tip) accept these)
  • Baby formula
  • Used underwear
  • Maternity clothing (Bump and Baby Hideout in Sale take these!)
  • School Uniform (please consider donating to the school PTA or on Trafford Uniform Exchange)