Log a referral card

Thank you for interest in referring a family into our project for support from Little Green Sock Project. We’d love to help.

Our project has been set up to support families facing hardship throughout Trafford. Our mission is to help reduce the effects of child poverty by reusing excellent quality clothing and children’s items, gifted by local families and businesses who care. Our vision is that every child has access to the essentials they need to thrive, and that the financial burden of clothing is reduced.

Referral cards have been given to some organisations already supporting families in financial hardship, where means testing has taken place for the support that organisation can provide. From these organisations, the referral card with a unique ID can be passed onto the family in order for them to make direct contact with us for support.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Persistent low income or a sudden sharp shock to the finances such as housefire/flood.
  • No recourse to public funds
  • Asylum
  • Homeless
  • Disabled/disabled parent or guardian
  • Domestic abuse
  • Substance misuse
  • Single parent families
  • Victims of trafficking
  • Foster care placement

How to use the referral card

Please ensure you explain the project to the family. Most of the clothing that is distributed is preloved, gifted by local families and businesses from one family to another. We do our best to ensure items are clean, high quality, giftable items. However responsibility rests with the care givers to check and wash the items prior to use.

For our monitoring and impact data and to see if the referral cards are working we require some basic information about the family you have referred. If the information is unknown, please try to identify from your own organisations records on the family you are supporting. Please complete the form below to submit the details alongside the Referral ID.